What is the process for protecting other rooms not being painted and valuables?

At Pinnacle Pro Painters, we follow a step-by-step process for every interior project in order to ensure that surfaces are properly prepared before the start of any painting job. We make sure to protect any of your valuables and areas of your home that are not being painted.

What is the process for protecting my furniture and floors?

The painting process begins before anything is applied to the walls. All of the heavy room furniture is moved to the center of the room and covered with plastic drapes. The flooring is covered with paint-proof drop cloths. Other valuables are covered or moved out of the way.

What types of preparation work do you do?

Major cracks and holes in ceilings, walls and trim are filled. If necessary, caulk is applied. The walls are sanded with poll-sanders to remove scuffs and bumps. The repaired areas on the walls and ceilings are primed. Stains are double-primed.

What happens in the actual painting phase?

The ready-to-paint walls, ceilings and trim are painted with high-quality paint to achieve an even paint finish.

What is the process for clean up?

Tools and equipment are removed. The floors and furniture are uncovered. Floors are swept and vacuumed. The furniture is placed back in its original position.

Will you insure I am satisfied with the quality of work?

Together, with the home owner, the job is inspected. You are invited to complete our feedback survey.